Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Best Dinner Ever!

I just started looking at Jamie Oliver and I made a lamb kebab dish that he made on one of his shows.
Here's a link to the recipe

I put the meet in the food processor with the spices and blended until it was like a mince,
then put it on a metal skewer.

I grilled it on a frying pan until it was nice and gold.

I took them off the skewers and broke them off with some salad and yoghurt on a piece of flat bread.

It got a bit messy but the results were delicious!!!!


  1. I browsed over here from G+. The word dinner has that effect on me. You're better than me for cooking. I just stick to frozen, cold and left-over. I had a recent kitchen crisis.

  2. what a great little chef you are becoming! It looks wonderful and yummy!

  3. Hey Littletree, this looks like an amazing recipe. I think it's great that you know how to cook already. I was more than twice your age when I finally learnt my way round the kitchen properly! Your blog looks great :)